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MaterialXPro is modern and clean Bootstrap 4 based Dashboard template, which maintain Latest Material design pattren. It is built using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and we are using CSS preprocessor SASS. It is super easy to customize and 100% responsive.

It can be used for most type of dashboard and app templates. It has all types of component which needs for developing any types of web app or website.

Files Structure

  • Admint
    • assets
      • css
      • scss
      • fonts
      • img
      • js
    • index.html


We have own CSS class naming convention that begins with prefix 'yoo-'. Some examples of MatreialX class names would be: yoo-main-header, yoo-sidebarheader, yoo-footer. For this naming convention, you can integrate unlimited 3rd party plugins and resources without worrying about class naming conflicts. However for Bootstrap and other 3rd party plugins class extending we used their own CSS naming format.

We use SASS as a CSS preprocessor. SASS is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

If don't know SASS coding, don't worry you can directly edit CSS file.

CSS Helper Classes

We are creating some global class for easy work.

Class Description
Margin helper classes where [size] can accept 0 to 15. Example: yoo-margin-0, yoo-margin-top-15
Margin helper classes where [size] can accept 0 to 15. Example: yoo-padding-0, yoo-padding-top-15
yoo-height-b[size] - This is for Larg Screen
yoo-height-lg-b[size] - This is for Mobile Screen
Space helper classes where [size] can accept 0, 5, 10, 15, 20. Example: yoo-height-b10, yoo-height-lg-b20
yoo-font-style-i Italic Font helper classes.
Text transform helper classes.
yoo-font-[weight] Weight helper classes where [weight] can accept light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, black. Example: yoo-font-bold
yoo-radious[size] Radious helper classes where [size] can accept 1 to 10. Example: yoo-radious1, yoo-radious10


We are using jQeury. All custom jQuery and plugin initialize code are written in istrap.js (there is a separate file for chart and svg map initialize) file. And all are function-based. Like if you did not want any JS block you just remove or comment that function.

For SVG Maps, we are creating an svg-map folder. Please take your desired file. We also create an SVG map preview page.

Function Description
mainMenu() Initialize Main Menu.
mobileMenu() Initialize Mobile Menu.
sideBarHeader() Initialize Sidebar Menu.
stickyHeader() Initialize Sticky Header.
calendarInt() Initialize Calender Plugin.
chattingInt() Initialize Live Chatting.
verticalChart() Initialize Vertical Chart
nicescrollInt() Initialize Nice Scroll.
customToggleInt() Initialize Custom Toggle Button.
emailEditorInt() Email Editor Initialize
bootstrapInt() Bootstrap Element Initialize

Color Palettes

All color comes from SASS variable, if you would like to use your own color pallet, just go to variables.scss file and replace color to your own color. The compiler will change all colors to your color.

Customer Support

After buying if you are facing any issues or you can not understand any part you can request for support. Our dedicated support team will assist you within Two Business Day.